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13 Adorably Destructive Dogs Who Are “Sorry Not Sorry”

09/26/2015 by Colleen Williams
September 26th, 2015 by Colleen Williams

You need to make a quick run to the store. “Goodbye,” you tell your dogs. “Be good, I’ll be back soon!” When you return – gone less than 15 minutes – the house is in utter chaos. Some pups go straight for the garbage can, while others prefer pillows, paper towels or even panties. If you’re not a fan of crate training your dog, household destruction is a definite possibility.

Mischievous mutts may initially show regret for their deviant acts, but in the end, no one is immune to the infamous puppy dog eyes.

1. “Going to wait and see which one pee pees on my floor, turns my hamper over, or takes the soap out of the tub and puts it at the front door because I left them home.”

funny dog


Robin Kingma / Facebook

2. “I seriously was only outside for 3 minutes.”

destructive dog

Amy Katpul Nospets / Facebook

3. “Ludo enjoys knocking all the pillows off the couch.”

Labrador Retriever

Amy Wagner Davidge / Facebook

4. “My dog greeted me at the door like this. Yes, that is our garbage can lid.”

dog proof garbage can

LikePotter / Reddit

5. “My proud, destructive baby.”

dog proof bed

tizskiz / Reddit

6. “I swear, I did not destroy the entire roll of toilet paper.”

dog eating toilet paper

yesimahuman / Reddit

7. “Ripped its head off, then decided to cuddle with it. Love/hate relationship…”

Australian Cattle Dog puppy

K-State / Reddit

8. “Hey son, let’s destroy your bed!”

dog proof bed

noongah1 / Reddit

9. “He loves digging holes…and then sitting in them and staring at everybody.”

dog digging in yard


10. “Just put a new fence up to keep them out of trouble. Guess which side they’re on?”

Golden Retriever puppies

urlachers_wife / Reddit

11. “Define ‘peed in my water dish’…”

German Shepherd puppy

tlicious23 / Reddit

12. “Stick your tongue out if you pooped on the floor at the vet today!”

funny Pug

chopper_d / Reddit

13. “I keep finding socks around the house. Finally caught him in the act.”

dog stealing socks

CaptSpanky118 / Reddit

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