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6 Things All Dog Parents Do

By Guest Author
November 3, 2017 • 2 min. read
dog parents healthy paws
dog parents healthy paws

There’s the happy face when we get home from work, the “fluffy heating pad” when we’re not feeling well and the best friend you can imagine – we have so much love for the dogs in our lives! So much that we sometimes might do things non-pet parents might find odd. But here at Healthy Paws you’re in good company!

  1. Talking in a silly dog voice

“Hiiii! You look so pretty today! Are you a good girl? Yes, you are. Yes, you are!” Anyone?

  1. Making weird noises to get attention

You know that super cute face your dog does when she tilts her head and looks at you with big eyes? You know how you sometimes would do anything to see that face? I think we’ve all done it; rolling our tongues, making a clicking noise, high pitch noise, a humming or a bee-sound (if not, we highly recommend the bee sound!), to get that tilted, adorable look and a second later be attacked by “are-you-ok?!” kisses. It’s the best!

  1. Having your phone full of dog photos

Even though you most likely have the exact same photo in your phone already (probably from yesterday), you still take 10 more because he’s just so doggone cute! And you can never have too many photos. Extra points if you have a specific Instagram account for your dog!

  1. Saying bless you when your dog sneezes

Say no more.

  1. Giving in to those puppy eyes

“But you already got a treat tonight. Oh, alright just one more.” “You’re taking up all the room in the bed! Okay, I guess I’ll scoot over…” “This is not for dogs. Here – try it!” (As long as it’s not poisonous or bad for your pup, you should be in the clear.)

  1. Telling them how much we love them

Ever left for work with a “Bye I love you, see you tonight!”? Or how about explaining to your dog how much you love her? Or if you have to go somewhere, explaining that you’ll be back in just a few days, and that “you need to be nice to the pet sitter”? You’re not alone.

If these hit home, you’re probably letting your dog sleep in your bed (actually, you’re probably spooning your dog), and would do anything for your pet. Have you considered getting pet insurance to make sure you can get your dog the best possible vet care when needed?  Start by getting a free quote today.