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7 Funny and Unpredictable Cats

02/17/2020 by Stacy Painter
February 17th, 2020 by Stacy Painter

Cats are adorable, quirky, and unique, so it’s no wonder the internet as a whole is often defined by its countless hours of popular cat videos. These kitties have gotten up to some humorous antics, and their pet parents captured photos to prove it!

black cat on computer desk

Photo of Koray by Monisha K.

If you use a computer cat instead of a mouse, you will be 10 times more productive.

cat on tv tray

Photo of Gus by Staci P.

Meow is served.

cat in birdbath

Photo of Bailey by Sherrie Lynn T.

Bird baths make a great place to sunbathe!

cat in a cone up high

Photo by Sandy S.

This satellite kitty trying to get as high up as possible to get good reception.

cat and dog looking in fridge

Photo by Courtney A.

“Let me help you find a snack, friend!”

fluffy relaxed cat belly

Photo of Sir Galahad by Victoria T.

“Do I look like a throw rug to you?”

cats biting each others faces

Photo of Grover and Marley by Debbie F.

Who doesn’t love to chew on their best friend’s face?