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7 Ways to Spoil Your Cat on Their Birthday

11/13/2019 by Stacy Painter
November 13th, 2019 by Stacy Painter


Your cat’s birthday is cause for celebration! Whether you plan to keep it small and simple or go all out, you’ll find there are many fun ways you can honor your birthday kitty on their special day. Here are a few ideas to inspire your inner party planner.

  1. Spend quality time playing with your cat. There are several benefits to spending quality time with your cat which is why playtime should be at the top of your list on their special day.
  2. Make homemade treats or a special meal. Even if you’re not a top chef, there’s something special about a birthday meal that’s made with love. If you’re apprehensive, try one of these easy three-ingredient treats recipes. For the more adventurous baker, try this tuna and chicken cat birthday cake from Good Food Stories.
  3. Buy them a new toy (or remind them of their favorite toy). Make a trip to the pet store to pick out something special for your feline friend. If your cat’s toy stash is already overflowing, dig out an old favorite that they may have forgotten about.
  4. Have a spa day. Who doesn’t love to look their best on their birthday? Pamper your purring pal with some light grooming, such as brushing out their coat to remove loose hairs, trim their claws, or brush their teeth.
  5. Give them another sleeping or hiding spot. Most cats won’t say no to another place to retreat and relax. Whether it’s as simple as giving your cat the cardboard box from your last Amazon delivery to shopping for the latest and greatest kitty tower, your cat will be grateful for this new spot to claim as their own.
  6. Set up a photoshoot. Hire a professional or download some new filters for your favorite photo editing app and make your kitty a supermodel for a day. Consider adding some fun birthday props such as wrapped boxes, balloons, and party hats.
  7. Give them a new view. Cats enjoy surveying their surroundings, and access to a window will provide lots of mental stimulation to a bored kitty. Purchase and install a window perch for your cat, or put some cat-specific entertainment on your TV for your cat to watch.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your cat’s birthday, we’re sure they will appreciate the extra love and attention.

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