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8 Pets with Crazy, Unique Markings

02/28/2020 by Stacy Painter
February 28th, 2020 by Stacy Painter

Nature has a cool way of making each pet uniquely different from any other, and that sometimes results in special markings on their fur that resemble certain shapes or images. Check out these pets showing off their rare and interesting markings.

1. Boomer’s pet parent says the marking on his back reminds her of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” painting.

black dog speckles on fur

Photo by Donna S.

2. Frankie loves to share his heart.

French bulldog lying in the sun with heart shape on back

Photo by Sarah R.

3. With his white face and dark eyes and nose, George reminds his pet parent of a skeleton.

shaggy dog with white face

Photo by Jessica

4. Quinn’s unique neck markings resemble a fancy necklace.

dog with black and white neck markings on fur

Photo by Stephanie

5. Sadie’s bullseye marking is reminiscent of the ringed planet Saturn.

gray and black speckled puppy

Photo by Kimberly T.

6. Savannah wears her heart on her coat.

Mixed breed dog with black heart marking on fur

Photo by Lannette C.

7. With a mark above only one eye, it looks as though Harlow left the house without finishing her makeup!

White dog with brown eyebrow

Photo by Lannette C.

8. Theo has a little white swirl on his back.

black and white dog on floor with toys

Photo by Heidi M.