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August is Adopt a Homeless Pet Month!

08/01/2011 by Colleen Williams
August 1st, 2011 by Colleen Williams

Pet overpopulation is a pressing matter in the United States. Over four million animals are euthanized every year, mostly because pet shelters are unable to find loving homes for abandoned animals. If you’re thinking about bringing a cat or dog into your life, consider adoption!

Here are the top five reasons you should adopt a homeless pet this August:

    1. Everyone can use a furry companion! Even people who have allergies to animals can find a loving pet to suit their needs. Hypoallergenic breeds of cats and dogs, like the Sphynx cat or the Poodle dog, are perfect for those with animal dander- or fur-triggered allergies. Like to run? There’s a shelter dog who loves to also! Avid reader? Consider adopting a cat to curl in your lap. Whatever your personality, there’s an animal soulmate for you, waiting in a local shelter!


    1. Children can benefit from raising an animal! Pets can teach kids valuable life lessons, such as responsibility and love. Give your child basic animal-related chores, like giving the pet food and water or throwing a toy around. Encourage your child to walk your dog, which can prevent obesity in both! Disabled pets can instill lessons about tolerance and love in your children.


    1. Animals help decrease stress. Numerous studies have been performed that indicate animals bring many health benefits to their owners! Petting an animal stimulates the part of your brain that deals with happiness, reducing overall stress. Less stress also equals lower cholesterol levels! Walking your dog  is also beneficial to your health, decreasing both you and your pet’s risk of becoming overweight and developing diabetes.


    1. You can save a life. Out of the four million plus cats and dogs that are euthanized every year, adopting one can brighten its day. Finding a place in your heart and home for a pet can save it from death and make a difference in the world. Spring is breeding season for cats and dogs, and unwanted kittens and puppies are often sent to shelters.


  1. Help the earth! It’s ridiculous and wasteful to order a pet from a breeder when there are millions of animals available for adoption. Puppy and kitten mills often use cruel practices to force animals to breed, and offspring are sometimes inbred or have congenital defects. Adopt a homeless pet from your local shelter and save not only their life, but also those of their potential offspring – in just seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce between 100 to 400 cats! Wastes resulting from animals, like food bags and kitty litter, are also hazardous to the earth.

So to all the prospective pet parents, listen up! Adoption can save lives, reduce stress, and help the earth – what’s not to love? Find an animal shelter or adoption agency in your area and take home a cat or dog today.