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Sarah-Anne Reed, dog trainer

Sarah-Anne Reed

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Sarah-Anne Reed is a dog behavior expert, holistic dog trainer, animal communicator, and former owner of Pack Dynamics®. Her practice focuses on helping dogs with behavioral issues and teaching people how to effectively communicate with their dogs by understanding and respecting them as a different species while honoring them as individual beings. Sarah-Anne’s passion is helping dogs, writing about dog behavior and the deeper aspects of our relationships with our dogs, and working with dog rescue organizations. She is an expert in helping with fears, overall anxiety, excessive barking, separation anxiety, bad manners with guests, demanding behavior, bolting through the door, pulling on the leash, lack of recall, aggression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, food aggression, and typical puppy issues. With a professional background in human psychology, Sarah-Anne believes most behavioral issues are because of our misunderstanding of how dogs communicate, how we relate to them, and how our energy and emotions affect them. She discovered she could intuitively talk to animals and offers animal communication for dogs and other species.



  • Owner/trainer, Pack Dynamics. Offered in-person and online training with a focus on leadership and understanding canine language, 2008-2023.
  • Owner, Tails A Waggin’ Pet Care, 2008 – 2022
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance consulting dog trainer – writing and reviewing blog posts and acting as a media contact on dog training topics for Healthy Paws, 2020 to present.


  • Certified Dog Listener – and studied under world-renowned author and TV personality, Jan Fennell
  • Meta-Coach Certification (advanced human psychology)
  • Reiki Master certification


  • Featured as a dog training expert in several national publications including CNN, ParadePets, PureWow, Readers Digest and more.