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Sarah Wallace DVM

Dr. Sarah Wallace was born and raised in New Hampshire, studied biology at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, and attended veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences in California. After graduation, Dr. Wallace started working with Just Food for Dogs, an innovative pet food startup out of southern California advocating fresh, whole-food diets for dogs. She also completed a small animal rotating internship at San Francisco Veterinary Specialists - receiving one-on-one training with San Francisco's top veterinarians in internal medicine, neurology, dermatology, oncology and surgery. After realizing clinical practice was not the right path for her, Dr. Wallace joined the field of telehealth. Dr. Wallace's veterinary passions are: increasing access to veterinary care for all pets across the country and utilizing nutrition to improve a pet's medical condition and quality of life. She is Pet Nutrition Coach Certified, a Certified Whole-Food Formulator with Just Food for Dogs, Fear Free Certified and Human-Animal Bond Certified. When she is not being a veterinarian, Sarah loves road cycling adventures, playing with her rescue dog Birdie, knitting clothes to keep herself warm, reading non-fiction books and learning about history. Dr. Sarah Wallace on LinkedIn Cardinal Veterinary Works Consulting