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Why Not Me? Meet Bess!

01/10/2018 by Colleen Williams
January 10th, 2018 by Colleen Williams


Age/Gender/Size: Adult (2 ½ years old), female, medium
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Likes: Other dogs & children
Dislikes: Cats
Special Considerations: Bess is running out of time; please share among your friends on social media!
Notes:  Bess is an active playful lady. She loves her people and is very loyal. The rescue life has been stressful for this girl and it’s taking a toll on her. Are you looking for a hiking pal? Do you ‘get’ the Border Collie life? Bess is the pup for you! Adoption fee is $250.

Bess has been at the Adams County Rescue facility since April 2017 – almost 8 months for this sweet girl. Bess is a wonderful dog who is a little timid of shelter-life – however she warms up and her true personality shines.

Her previous owner is described as a pastor who was very involved in the community, so he had a lot of people coming into the house and through the yard which stressed Bess out, and could explain her anxiety.

The volunteers at Adams County have been wondering if it’s simply because she’s a “plain old black dog,” however, if someone could give her a chance, they’d see her fun-loving, get-up-and-go personality. She would make a great hiking partner, doesn’t mind other dogs (and even likes to play with them), and is up for any adventure you plot out.  She’s loyal and would love to keep you safe when you’re at home.

Bess has been fully vetted, spayed and has her vaccinations. Please contact Adams County Pet Rescue in Othello, WA via their Facebook page, website or by calling 509-488-5514 to find out more about Bess.

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