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Why Not Me? Meet Clarence!

By Colleen Williams
September 12, 2018 • 2 min. read
adoptable gray pit bull dog
adoptable gray pit bull dog

We’ve partnered with Pawsitive Alliance for the #WhyNotMePets campaign to give difficult-to-home pets an extra paw up. These lovable pets are ready to find their forever homes.


Age/Gender/Size: 3–5 Yrs. | Male | Large
Breed: Staffordshire terrier mix
Likes: Snuggling, hanging with his humans
Dislikes: Cats, small animals
Special Considerations: Physical issue due to nerve damage (see below)

Clarence was found as a stray in October of 2017, and is anywhere from 3 to 5 years old. He loves to play, loves humans, and loves scritches and scratches!

Clarence is a strong dog, he’s part American Staffordshire Terrier and is in need of a human who understands the breed as well as can handle his strength. He’s a bit of a loner and can be protective, so having a family without any other pets would be best. When Clarence meets other dogs, he prefers to do it face-to-face without a fence between them, which may be a part of his protective nature. While he has had fun playing with other large dogs, the shelter recommends that he not share his home with small animals like cats, very small dogs, or even chickens.

Clarence does have some nerve damage at the base of his tail that has affected his back legs in strength and endurance. He’s best at being a snuggle-buddy because long walks will hurt the top of his feet due to the nerve damage. He also needs a grain-free diet due to this condition ­– he can’t always “hold it” due to the damage, but his diet and regular schedule helps immensely!

Shelter Notes:

“We have worked with Clarence to build up the muscle and strength in his hind legs to the point he no longer drags his feet. Although he can’t do long strenuous walks. He does like taking about a half hour to an hour a day to have some exercise. The nerve damage has also made it so that if he is not taken out regularly to the bathroom he can have an accident. He does get along with some dogs but he gets overly excited and tends to hurt himself in play which is why we recommend him being the only animal in the house. He has a prey drive which is why we recommend No cats. He is such a lover to people. He loves to be outside and with his people.”

Clarence has been fully vetted and is ready for a forever home from Grant County Adoption in  Moses Lake, WA. For more information, visit their site or contact them: or (509) 762-9616.

Every Wednesday, Healthy Paws will highlight a new pet from Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets campaign. Visit the #WhyNotMePets page for a list of adoptable dogs and cats.

colleen williams
By Colleen Williams

Over the past decade, Colleen has written about health, wellness, beauty, and even pets for The New York Times, The Cut, Refinery29, xoVain, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, and Seattle Met Magazine, as well as many beauty brands. She has a BFA in Art History from the University of New Mexico and an AAS in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in New York.

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