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Why Not Me? Meet Stevie!

11/14/2018 by Colleen Williams
November 14th, 2018 by Colleen Williams

Age/Gender/Size: 8 Yrs./Neutered Male/17 Lbs.

Breed: Spaniel Mix

Likes: Peanut butter Kongs

Dislikes: Cats. Kids.

Special Considerations: Has osteoarthritis and luxating patellas; taking medications (likely for life). Currently on weight loss diet. Can be fearful and reactive. Talks (vocal but not barky).

Notes: Long term resident! Staff favorite! Kennel award winner! Great communicator!

This little guy has 8 years of experience as being the CEO of Cute Companions, complete with a very photogenic snaggletooth. He’s a bright boy who is food-motivated, so he’s ready and willing to learn more commands and tricks! Squeaky toys and most other dogs are just great with Stevie, but nothing beats a quiet home with love and loyalty.

He has been diagnosed with arthritis and luxating patellas (a “floating kneecap”), so Stevie will need a gentle approach to exercise and a pet parent who follows his medication schedule. No long hikes for this boy, but he’ll keep you company in the den!

Stevie has been fully vetted, microchipped and neutered. Contact Emerald City Pet Rescue at (206) 557-4661 to learn more about adding Stevie to your family!

(Photos by Dirtie Dog Photography)

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