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Entertain Your Dog While You’re at Work

01/23/2012 by Colleen Williams
January 23rd, 2012 by Colleen Williams

When you go off to work and leave your dog at home, what do they do all day? The answer is usually sleep, eat, and stare longingly out the window. But in some cases, destructive pups can rip a household to shreds during the workday. The causes of this behavior are usually boredom, separation anxiety, or some combination of the two.

Learn how to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work – that way you can spend more time snuggling and less time cleaning.

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1. Get a stuffable toy. Balls and toys that can be filled with treats will entertain your dog for hours. One fun way is to coat a dog biscuit with peanut butter and place it inside a Kong toy – a Healthy Paws toy of the week!

2. Turn on the TV. Dogs enjoy hearing human voices, and they may even “watch” the TV! DVDs specifically created to be virtual doggy sitters are available online that feature stimulating images like other dogs, squirrels, and more. Sometimes even just putting on music can help a dog feel less lonely.

3. Consider doggy daycare or a dog walker. If your pet rarely is in the company of other canines, doggy daycare can provide important socialization. Check the internet or the Yellow Pages for daycares near you. Having a dog walker stop by and take your dog for a midday walk can also be beneficial.

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4. Play before work! Taking your dog for a walk or throwing the ball around before you leave will tire them out. Then they’ll just sleep it off for the rest of the day and be ready for round two when you come home! This time can also provide important dog-pet parent bonding time and prevent your pet from feeling neglected.

5. Adopt another dog. A pair of pooches can provide each other with playtime even when you’re gone. However, don’t leave new dogs together until a few weeks after they’ve been introduced; even if they seem fine when you’re there, a fight could erupt when you’re not home. To be safe, remove all toys from the house while you’re gone to prevent possessive aggression.

Don’t be worried if you have to leave for work during the day – dogs are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves, given the right tools. Have plenty of toys around, especially those that can be stuffed with treats! Consider putting the TV or radio on to provide human voices. Playing with your dog before you leave for work can tire them out and allow them to nap peacefully all day – then you’ll be back before they know it! And of course, adopting another dog can provide a playmate for your pooch even when you’re not there.

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If your dog exhibits destructive behaviors, like digging, chewing furniture, or defecating inside the house, they may be experiencing separation anxiety. Confine them to a space where they can’t destroy anything and shower them with affection when you are around. If the problem doesn’t resolve itself or escalates, see a vet – there may be underlying health issues to blame.