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Glam Pet 101: Get Your Pet Red-Carpet Ready

By Wendy Rose Gould
February 21, 2019 • 3 min. read
Dog in Tuxedo on Red Carpet

There’s way more that goes into prepping a celebrity for the red carpet than what meets the eye. We’re talking months of frazzled back-and-forth to ensure there’s a 0% chance of ending up on the worst dressed list. From choosing the perfect, most flattering gown (and all those painstaking fittings) to hair, makeup, nails, and jewelry, it is a process, indeed.

Since it’s award season, we thought it may be fun to give a rundown of how you can prepare your very own pooch or feline for the red carpet — even if said red carpet is the mat underneath their food and water dishes. After all, our beloved fluffballs are little celebrities in our own world.

Because they’re basically already perfect, your pooch or feline won’t have to go through quite as much aesthetic turmoil as those Hollywood A-Lister humans. Follow the below advice and they’ll be red-carpet worthy in 24 hours, tops.

A Perfectly Groomed Coiffure

Your fur babe can be the best dressed at the party, but taming all that wild fur will quickly take him or her from a 10 to an 11. We recommend scheduling an appointment with your local pet groomer to nix scraggly scruff and to trim overgrown locks around their eyes, ears, and feet.

Oh, and the top-of-the-line shampoo and conditioning? Not even Jennifer Aniston’s world-famous hair can compare to the ultra-shiny fur of a pet who’s just been given a good wash. If you haven’t before, now is also the time to spring for some extra bedazzling. A bow or bowtie that’ll pair with their outfit is a must for any red-carpet affair.

Floof-Approved Mani/Pedi

While you’re at the groomer, make sure your pet’s nails are tended to, as well. We’re partial to a clean-cut trim, buff, and file for a shiny nail that won’t snag the carpet. For kitties, you can always try something like Soft Paws, which are pretty, colorful nail covers that keep them from scratching. (Protip: unless you really feel confident, the job of nail trimming is best left to professionals. Dog and cat toenails have higher quicks than humans and it’s painful if you accidentally cut into them).

A Little Pampering Sesh

There’s no living creature in this world that doesn’t love a little pampering. And, if your pet is about to hit the red carpet, then you’ll want to make sure they look nice and relaxed for all those paparazzi (even if said paparazzi is you and your smartphone).

An indulgent paw massage is a great place to start, but whatever you do, don’t forget the belly rubs and ear scratches. This is very important. Oh, and water (preferably the fancy kind from elegant glass bottles) should be served from your best drinkware. There’s no place for plebeian bowls today.

The Perfect Outfit, Obviously

Now that Mr. or Miss Fluff is adequately groomed and relaxed, it’s time to undo a little bit of all your efforts by struggling to fit them into a picture-perfect outfit. Nobody shows up to the red carpet naked — including Spot. For him, a fancy tuxedo will give Brad Pitt a run for his Best Dressed money. For her, consider something super girly — the more tulle the better. (Bet you didn’t know David’s Bridal sells fancy pet outfits.)

Dressed to the nines or not, we want to see a picture of your sweet and glamorous fur baby in all their glory. Share a picture with us on Instagram by tagging @gohealthypaws. And if you aren’t already a pet parent with us, snag a free quote to help safeguard not just your special fur friend, but your wallet too.

wendy gould
By Wendy Rose Gould

Wendy Rose Gould is a freelance lifestyle reporter based in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been in journalism for over a decade, and has been freelancing almost that entire time. In addition to lifestyle reporting, she also works with brands to create marketing content for their websites and blogs.

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