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Getting to know your dog through massage

06/23/2010 by Colleen Williams
June 23rd, 2010 by Colleen Williams

So I have a confession. I have a highly active dog, and sometimes when all I want to do is watch some TV… I grab him… flip him over… and start massaging his paws. He resists at first but, before he knows it, he’s usually falling into a deep (snore-filled) sleep as I rub his tired paw pads and the tight muscles in his shoulders.

So yes, I indulge my dog a bit. But there are so many benefits to those massages that I feel somewhat vindicated. In addition to increasing circulation, they can help decrease muscle pain, promote flexibility, and relieve stress (for both you and your pet!). I typically just give Olli a little 15 minute massage on the rug while I’m sitting there with him, but this site has some great tips on how (and how not) to try massage on your dog (or cat, if she will stick around for it).  And, of course, if your pet has more serious physical issues going on, please go see a vet professional.

Image courtesy of Little Critters Training & Petcare.