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Healthy Paws 2018 Gift Guide

By Colleen Williams
December 17, 2018 • 3 min. read
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For dogs, for cats, for pet parents, for animal lovers, for all! Here’s our annual 2018 gift guide to help cut through the clutter.

For Dogs

For the Tough Talker: Custom Patched Dog Battle Jacket

We first spotted this denim vest on Instagram and were smitten! Even the littlest pup will look tough and hearty in these vests. Ships globally. ($109.95 AUD at

For the Adventurer: Pendleton National Park Dog Coat

Warm and fuzzy for those cold days on the trail, this pup coat also helps support national parks.

For the Chewer: Smokehouse USA 5″ Braided Pizzle Sticks Dog Treats

Be warned: these are not the odor-free ones (find those here). These 5” braided pizzles will give your pup a good hour of chew-time; more if you’ve got a less vigorous chomper! ($3.99/ea at

Pet parents take note: do not give your dog a bone from the holiday table as a “present.” They can be choking hazards and can puncture your dog’s GI tract.

For Cats


A Hiding Spot to Scratch Claws: Hot Cocoa Double Decker Cat Scratcher

This adorable gingerbready-cocoa-stand kitty house satisfies the urge to scratch but also gives your kitty a little privacy. Plus, it would look so cute next to the tree! ($16.99 at Target)

For the Snack-Lover: Catnip Purrito

Got a feisty kitty who shares your love for burritos? This PURRito is designed to take a beating and is brimming with catnip and silver vine.

For the Snuggly Snoozer: “Things Cats Will Destroy” Floor Pillow

These floor pillows are overstuffed to never lose shape, spot-cleanable, and available either round or square. While you may think you’re buying it for yourself, this is really a present for your leisure-loving feline.

For Both Cats & Dogs

 For Full Bellies: NomNomNow Fresh Pet Food

One of our fave fresh pet food companies, NomNomNow, provides home delivered meals for both dogs and cats. If that’s not enough, they have treat bundles for your beloved critter: pets get one bag each of Pork & Pumpkin, Chicken Jerky, and Beef Jerky treat and a collapsible water bowl. ($35 at

give pet health insurance

For Safe & Secure Pets: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

From swallowing socks to breaking a hip, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance makes sure you can say “yes” to treatments that might otherwise be extremely expensive. You can start by getting a free quote to see your monthly premium. After 15 days, the proverbial bubble wrap can come off, and your best furry friend is covered! (Cats start at $15/mo and dogs start at $30/mo;

For Pet Parents & Pet-Obsessives

For the Stylish PP: Jewelry from Carrie Cramer

These lovely, chic necklaces bear the silhouette of your favorite dog or cat breed, or you can customize a pendant to match your own little furball. (Starts at $195 at

For the Proud Pet Parent: Customized Renaissance Pet Portrait

For the proudest pet parent out there, get a customized portrait of your best furry friend. Answer questions later. ($19.99 at BemBemPrints on

For the Often Overlooked Cat Dad: Best Cat Dad Ever Shirt

Self-explanatory, this shirt is worth it for the “crazy cat dad” who just wants a little recognition this holiday season! ($19.85 at BoredKoalas on

Know Someone with a Big Furry Family? Get ‘em these.

“Hope You Like Cats” and “Hope You Like Dogs” welcome mats are available for those with more than just one cat or dog in their life. Another favorite: “We hope you brought wine and dog treats.” ($36.99 at NinetoWineDesign on

For the True Animal Lover: ‘Saving Lucy’ by Ishbel Rose Holmes

When Ishbel Rose Holmes was biking across Turkey, she came across a street dog named Lucy who had been attacked by other dogs. She rescued the pup and changed her life forever. Her novel tells the tale of Lucy’s unconditional love and how the two found “home” in each other. ($12.76 at

For Crafty Pet Parents: Woof & the Gang ‘Alley Cat’ Knitting Kit

Wool & the Gang launched a pet line aptly called “Woof & the Gang” and it is so cute! This kit helps knitters create a very cute little toy for their pet.

For Your Vet: Vets Against Insanity Card Game
(Well, depending on your vet)

This humorous card game from DVM360 is for vets “who recently thought, ‘I’ll have to laugh about this so I don’t cry’.” Much like Cards Against Humanity, this only slightly scandalous card game has vets and vet techs cracking up. ($35 at

Don’t forget that donations go a long with this holiday season! Gift an organization that helps to save homeless pets – it’s easy to find one nearby or you can always donate to one of our favorites, Pawsitive Alliance. Additionally, people and pets displaced by the wildfires this year need a helping hand (or paw) too.

Whatever holiday you may celebrate, pet health insurance goes a long way year round to make sure you save up to 90% on vet bills and can say “yes” to life-saving procedures. Find out more by getting a free quote.

colleen williams
By Colleen Williams

Over the past decade, Colleen has written about health, wellness, beauty, and even pets for The New York Times, The Cut, Refinery29, xoVain, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, and Seattle Met Magazine, as well as many beauty brands. She has a BFA in Art History from the University of New Mexico and an AAS in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in New York.

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