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Healthy Paws Foundation Gives $30,000 to Feed Pets

By Christy True
published: July 8, 2020 - updated: September 27, 2021 • 2 min. read
Hungry dog with empty dish

Key Takeaways

  • COVID-19 is wreaking devastating economic impacts, including for some pet parents who are having trouble affording pet food.
  • The Healthy Paws Foundation is donating $30,000 to six non-profit animal welfare groups across the U.S. helping to feed pets.

With COVID-19 continuing to rage across the U.S. and the resulting economic impact, many people are suffering financially and may be having trouble paying for pet food. Pet food banks or pantries help keep dogs and cats with the families that love them.

Many shelters and pet-related charities report an increase in demand for food and free veterinary services as people lose jobs or have their hours cut due to the pandemic. In Columbus, Ohio, the local humane society had 500 requests for help after advertising its pet food pantry on social media in April.

In response, the Healthy Paws Foundation is donating $30,000 to six non-profit animal welfare groups that are helping feed pets or shelter those who are homeless. The six groups were chosen out of nominations from Healthy Paws Facebook followers. The recipients are all no-kill, registered charities, and are in parts of the country especially hit hard by the economic damage caused by COVID-19.

The selected organizations will receive $5,000 each. They are:

  • People & Pets Together, Minneapolis, Minn., helps families facing economic hardship by operating a pet food shelf and a veterinary assistance grant program in Minneapolis.
  • Furry Friends Pet Relief, Oakley, Calif., assists struggling families and the homeless in the East San Francisco Bay area with dog and cat food. They also provide low-cost spay and neuter services.
  • St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, Madison, NJ, includes a drive-through pet food bank with dog and cat food free of charge to anyone struggling to afford it.
  • Best Buddies Pet Pantry, Chesterton, Ind., is an all-volunteer mobile pet food bank that provides free pet food to families and pets in need in N.W. Indiana.
  • San Diego Humane Society, San Diego, Calif., has campuses in Escondido, Oceanside, and San Diego, and provides animal services for 12 cities within San Diego County, including a pet food pantry.
  • Fayetteville’s Animal Protection Society, Fayetteville, N.C., offers a no-kill shelter for homeless animals until adopted into a loving and caring home, and promotes responsible pet ownership.

The Healthy Paws Foundation is funded by the Every Quote Gives Hope™ and the Refer-A-Friend programs. The foundation has distributed more than $1 million since its start ten years ago.

For each person who requests a price quote from Healthy Paws, we donate to the Healthy Paws Foundation, supporting homeless pets. Find out more about dog insurance (and cat insurance) and start by getting a free quote


Christy True and Tomas
By Christy True

Christy has been writing about pets for Healthy Paws for 28 dog years. She also coordinates media requests and manages the Healthy Paws Foundation. A background in journalism may be why she enjoys writing about offbeat animal studies and the latest viral pet trends. She has been owned by several dogs, and she volunteers with a local dog rescue. Outside of work, she can usually be found sliding down a mountain near her home in Bend, Ore.

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