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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy – Grooming

08/15/2011 by Colleen Williams
August 15th, 2011 by Colleen Williams

Your pet’s coat provides a barrier between the outside world and its sensitive skin. It’s important to keep this protection in place by keeping your animal neat and tidy. Here are the top five reasons you should keep a strict grooming regimen for your pet.

  1. It provides an opportunity to inspect the skin. Since animals’ skin is obscured by their fluffy fur, it’s important to regularly examine it for any abnormalities. Lumps and bumps on your cat or dog’s skin can be indicators of cancer, an infection, or many other illnesses. If you do come across anything, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian – better safe than sorry!
  2. Grooming can help you bond with your pet. When you groom with your pet, your pet feels safe and closer to you. As a pet parent, you can also bond with your cat or dog by keeping them healthy and clean.
  3. It can keep your home cleaner. Grooming removes loose hair, dandruff, and any particulates in your animal’s fur, preventing them from dropping off around your house. It can also help prevent triggering pet-related allergies, if you or someone in your household has them. Animal hair and dandruff are also a main component of dust and grooming your pet can help cut down on the amount of dust as well!
  4. Regular clipping of nails prevents painful complications. When a cat or dog’s nails are left untrimmed, several things can happen. The nail can break or tear off, a painful experience for the animal. Ingrown nails can become infected, as can split claws. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting your pet’s nails yourself, take them to a grooming salon in your area.
  5. Ear and teeth cleaning is also important. Both dogs and cats can get ear mites, small parasites that manifest as black dots in the ear. Dogs are more amicable to having their teeth brushed than cats, and are also more prone to gum diseases like gingivitis. If your animal’s breath is not appealing, brushing its teeth can help remove plaque buildup and freshen Fido up.

Obviously dogs need more grooming than cats; felines are self-cleaning! But no matter if you own a cat or a dog, grooming should be a relaxing experience for your pet. You can wash your dog at home, or take them to a grooming parlor.

How frequently your dog should be bathed depends on its size – lap dogs should be bathed once a month, while larger dogs every other month. It also depends on the dog’s type of fur; wiry or coarse fur doesn’t hold onto particulates as well, whereas soft fur gets matted easily.

Keep your pet feeling clean and fresh to avoid health issues. Grooming your cat or dog can also keep your house free of dandruff and hair – everybody wins! If you don’t feel comfortable or just don’t have the time to groom your pet, take them to a grooming parlor.