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Indoor Dog Play: How to Entertain your Dog on a Rainy Day

04/30/2013 by Colleen Williams
April 30th, 2013 by Colleen Williams

This guest article was written by Minnie The Westie

Summer’s on the way in many parts of the world – though here in New Zealand, where I live, it’s coming up to Winter. And that means rain, rain and more rain!

No matter where you live, sometimes you’ll have days when it’s just too wet and rainy to go for a walk. (Yes, I do have a little doggy raincoat, but I really dislike getting my paws wet!)

It’s impawtant that you still get some bonding time with your humans, even if it’s too wet to walk. Here are some of my favourite tips for indoor dog play.

Minnie The Westie cartoon dog shares her favorite indoor dog play tips for rainy days.

1. Indoor fetch

Some dogs love games of “fetch”; some don’t.

Me, I will only fetch in return for treats. Once the treats have gone, you can fetch the ball yourself!

If you’re not keen on “fetch”, there are lots of other ways you can bond with your human.

Also, indoor fetch is okay for little dogs like me. I realise it may not be quite so pawractical for bigger woofies!

2. Toy time!

Get your humans to dig out your favourite toys! Me, I love furry toys that squeak.

My humans keep some toys hidden from me, which they get out for indoor dog play. This is sooo much fun: when a long lost toy comes out, it’s like having a new toy all over again!

3. Learn new tricks 

Use indoor dog play time to learn a new trick!

Perhaps you can train your human to high five or wave. There are lots of cool doggy tricks you can learn – you just need to train your human to work with you!

4. Grooming 

You can never look too good. So get your human to give you a bit of a spa treatment. I’m thinking of an extra-long brushing session, or an ear check. Maybe getting a bit of fur trimmed here and there.

And get your humans to check that you’re up-to-date with your flea and worm treatments.

5. Belly rubs 

Belly rubs… need I say more??! *dreamy look*

Stuff the humans will enjoy more than you will …

All of the things above are pawsome for you. However, there are some things that humans like to do which is far more enjoyable for them. It is worth humouring them from time to time, it may earn you some extra dog biscuits for being a good dog!

1. Be a photo model 

Some humans are obsessed with taking photos of you.

I suggest you pose in return for dog biscuits. And who knows, you could be the next dog star on Facebook! And you could even end up on the front cover of your family’s holiday cards. You’ll be immortalised, so grin and bear it – and strike a winning pose!

2.Read a book about dogs 

Encourage your humans to read pawsome dog stories – and in the meantime you can snuggle on their lap!


This can occupy both the big humans and the little humans, if you read the right kind of dog book. My own book, ‘Minnie The Westie: Adventures of a West Highland Terrier Cartoon Dog.’ It’ll bring smiles to dog lovers of all ages.

3. Be a movie star 

If your humans have a video camera, you have even more chances of being an internet dog star. Getting filmed might seem weird and annoying, but it’ll be worth it if you get stopped in the street for pats and belly rubs from strangers.

4. Let them draw pictures of you 

Consider letting your humans draw pictures of you. These could be grand, arty paintings, or dog cartoons.

Hint: If you have little humans in your house, this activity may keep them occupied for hours!

Just make sure the humans don’t get too engrossed in all this indoor stuff, and be sure to remind them you need a walk when the sun comes back out!

Wags and nose licks,

– Minnie


Created by Cornelia Luethi, Minnie The Westie, is a cartoon about a West Highland White Terrier. Minnie is is food-obsessed and sometimes just a little bit stubborn, but she can charm her way out of any mischief with her waggy tail and big, adoring eyes.  For more of Minnie work visit