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Healthy Paws Helps Pet Parent Pay For Shih-Tzu’s $8,000 Surgeries

10/02/2015 by Colleen Williams
October 2nd, 2015 by Colleen Williams

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When Samantha Garrido and her partner decided to adopt a dog, they went searching for the perfect puppy. “Ironically, his birthday was the same as my partner’s previous dog and his generated name was Jonah, which was always a name I wanted to name my son,” says Samantha. “It was fate…” After a tearful week of deliberating, they returned to the Franklin Square, NY pet store and brought home their furry new family member. “He was the most loving little 4 lb Shih-Tzu, climbing up my arms like a monkey, licking my face,” Samantha recalls of their first visit.

Healthy Paws review

“The next morning [after adopting Milo] I woke up to find him hiding in my purse! He sure is a character,” says pet parent Samantha. (Thanks to Samantha for the photo!)

Renamed Milo, the pup thrived in his new home, “full of life” and bringing a certain sunshine into the room. A social butterfly, Samantha suspects Milo’s a bit confused about life as a canine. “I swear he thinks he’s a baby. He’s so friendly with people! Just a joy to have around.”

Samantha signed Milo up with Healthy Paws to make sure her precious pup was protected during emergency situations – no pet parent wants to choose between their dog and their wallet. Although hopefully you’ll never need to use your pet insurance, the peace of mind accompanying it is invaluable.

Having pet insurance can pay off handsomely, as Samantha and Milo soon found out. Within a month the poor pup developed a corneal ulcer and an intestinal obstruction, both requiring surgery. Luckily for Milo, early treatment caught his ulcer before it ruptured, resulting in irreparable damage to the eye. Intestinal obstructions in dogs can also prove dangerous if left untreated; dehydration, weight loss, and perforated bowel are all possible complications. “They were able to take out [the blockage] and he is recovering well,” Samantha reports. “Eye is being treated with drops everyday four times daily!”

Milo the Shih-Tzu

Milo, a Healthy Paws family member. (Thanks to pet parent Samantha Garrido!)

The cost of veterinary care can be a shock for pet parents of formerly healthy pups. “My Milo had two surgeries in the last month which added up to $8,000,” wrote Samantha in a review on our Facebook page. “Just received my reimbursement email and I got 90% of that back!” It’s times like these that pet insurance pays for itself, not only financially but also mentally. “They took two days to process the claim and I will be receiving my check in 3-5 business days,” Samantha continued. “If you just purchased a dog, do yourself a favor and get pet insurance through Healthy Paws – so worth the money!”

(Featured image courtesy of Samantha Garrido/ Facebook)