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Pet Care. Pet Training. Pet Stories.

Modern Pet Parenting and the Humanization of Pets

08/20/2019 by Stacy Painter
August 20th, 2019 by Stacy Painter

dachshund dog birthday party

Treating pets like a member of the family continues to be a trend among pet parents. They sleep in bed with their pet parents, they eat human-grade food, and they wear fitness tracking devices. Many pet parents can even check up on their pal throughout the day and toss them treats while they’re at work via pet cameras—that is if their pet isn’t spending the day at daycare.

What trends are captivating modern pet parents in 2019? We conducted a survey to find out. With over 400 responses, we learned the following:

More than just a pet

  • 91% of pet parents consider their pet their fur child or fur baby.
  • 17% of pet parents throw a party for their pet’s birthday, which may also include gifts and a cake or special treats.
  • 47% of pets have a pet sitter or go to daycare.

Safety first! 

  • 62% of pet parents have a pet-specific seat belt or car seat for their dog or cat.
  • 16% of pet parents have signed up their dog for swim lessons.

Keeping in touch

  • 55% have done video calls (Skype, FaceTime, etc.) with their pet.
  • 35% of pets have their own social media account(s).

Health is important

  • 12% of pet parents home cook their pet’s food, and another 11% feed raw diets or purchase freshly pre-made meals. 
  • 9% of pets have fitness trackers.

We know that Healthy Paws pet parents love their pets like members of the family. To make sure your pet is covered and join the Healthy Paws family, start by getting your free quote today.