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Get to Know: Monkey’s House

By Danielle Guercio
June 6, 2019 • 2 min. read
senior dog rescue
monkey's house logo

While puppies and sprightly younger dogs have an easy time getting adopted, other dogs often go overlooked, many of them with illness or old age docking their potential for placement. Some people don’t realize that there are others who take in and adopt these dogs to give them a happy, safe, home to live out the rest of their lives.

One such place is the home of Michele D. Allen and her husband, Jeff, better known as Monkey’s House.

Located in Southampton, New Jersey, the old, the sick, and the overlooked can spend their last moments in love and compassion. Monkey’s House, one of the country’s very few dog hospices and sanctuaries, offers shelter dogs in need of hospice care a chance to live and die with dignity and in the arms of people who care.

Run solely by lifelong animal advocates the Allens, their small farm in Burlington County, New Jersey has been home to many foster and rescue animals over the years. Their mission is to provide loving care to homeless dogs with terminal diagnoses or hard to adopt disabilities. By involving detailed care including nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care on site, Monkey’s House increases the quality of life of these animals greatly, but all of their funding comes directly from donations.senior dog rescue

Identifying a real need for help for homeless dogs in shelters needing hospice placement, the Allens got to work trying to find a better, more efficient way to help. After the loss of their beloved dog Monkey, they went into high gear. Converting their two car garage and two other rooms in the home to help with this endeavor, the project is still in the early stages, but many dogs have been helped to date.

Michele Allen told Healthy Paws Pet Blog, “We are thrilled at the way things are moving forward. We have met some incredible people along this journey and are so very appreciative of their help. Each and every one of the dogs is extremely precious and has added something to Monkey’s House. Monkey would be thrilled. We know he is at the Rainbow Bridge greeting his friends as they join him.”

Since all of the work is done by this family and is all donation based, any gifts go directly to food, veterinary care, and operating costs to support the Allens in giving elderly and sick dogs who are stray or abandoned a better option than euthanization. It can be sad to think about all of the dogs out there that don’t have people like Michele and Jeff to give them another chance, but it’s uplifting to know that people are doing the work, and that dogs are being helped. You can help other people help dogs with your donations if you can’t get involved one on one, visit to donate directly.

Monkey’s House is a 501(c)3 all volunteer, donation funded organization. You can follow them on Facebook: and Twitter:

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