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Adopt Dolly the Blind Pitbull!

08/31/2015 by Colleen Williams
August 31st, 2015 by Colleen Williams

pitbull rescueHappy Mutt Crush Monday! Back in June we wrote about Every Quote Gives Hope grantee Social Tees Animal Rescue, located in New York City’s East Village. The shelter received $500 to be spent on medical care, the largest part of any rescue’s budget. Social Tees has an “Underdogs and Undercats” program that focuses on needy pets who need a little extra TLC, like those with chronic diseases, mobility issues, or the elderly.

Social Tees chose senior dog Dolly to benefit from the Every Quote Gives Hope grant. At nine years old this gentle gal has lots of love left to give! A Pitbull/Lab mix, Dolly had been surrendered by her family after she began going blind. Even with one eye Dolly is still a strong, independent woman, although she does bump into things every once in a while. “Dolly is a truly remarkable soul,” says Social Tees. “This girl has a loving, trusting energy that emanates from her and warms everyone she meets.”

Pitbull rescueWe’re baffled as to why this sweet old lady still hasn’t found her forever home. Dolly is extremely gentle and great with kids, befriending every stranger she meets. Neither age nor blindness has slowed down Dolly, who still loves a good walk outside, chasing tennis balls, and playing tug-of-war. All this lovable pup wants – and deserves! – is a human to love in her forever home. “She absolutely lights up when anyone touches her,” Social Tees notes. “She flips over on her back and grunts and snorts with glee when you pet her and give her belly rubs.” (Watch the video above!)

Dolly has a rough past and is somewhat nervous around other canines – with the interesting exception of seeing-eye dogs – but Social Tees feels she could get along with “a mellow doggy companion as long as they were introduced properly.” As you can see from the photo, Dolly is a big hit with children (and people in general). The Pittie mix is a proper lady, fully house trained with knowledge of basic commands. Her one weakness is apples, Dolly’s favorite snack.

Give Miss Dolly the forever home she desperately needs and deserves. “Please give this amazing girl a chance!” begs Social Tees. “Dolly’s inner puppy is looking for a kindred spirit.”

To learn more about Dolly, visit her adoption profile or contact Social Tees Animal Rescue.