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Operation Santa Paws – Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

12/03/2012 by Colleen Williams
December 3rd, 2012 by Colleen Williams

During the holidays, animal shelters in Arizona, Florida, California,, Texas and all over the country, need our help more than ever. Cold winter weather is dangerous for abandoned dogs and cats and shelters find themselves overcrowded. Here are the top ten things you can do to help your local animal shelter.

10. Go through your linen closet.

Old towels, blankets, sheets, bathmats, and placemats are all in high demand at animal shelters! They can be used for bedding or under food dishes.

9. Donate the old fashioned way.

No animal shelter will ever refuse a good old monetary donation. Some rescues allow you to donate online, while others require you to mail a check or bring it in person. If you’re unsure of what a shelter needs but want to help, money is the perfect option.


8. If it’s on sale, grab it!

Pet food, dog treats, and cat litter go on sale all the time. These items are the most in demand at animal shelters and get donated the least.

7. Clean out the kitchen.

Human bowls and small plates make for great pet dishes! Plastic and bags (without holes!) are also great for picking up doggy messes. Cleaning supplies, trash bags, and paper towels are also welcome donations. The cleaner the animal shelter, the healthier the animals!

6. Donate the little things.

Often we forget that animal shelters are businesses too! Office supplies, printer cartridges, and computers are rarely donated but sorely in need. Have an old camera? Shelters frequently use digital cameras for snapping pet pics for pet adoption websites.

5. Foster a pet!

Could you use some canine cheer in your house? Foster a pet in need this holiday season. Animal shelters have specific guidelines for pet fostering, so check with your local shelter to see if you qualify.

4. Check out the garage.

Home improvement supplies like plywood, carpet, caulk, and nails are used for repairs and building new structures. Gift certificates to home improvement stores are also in need. If don’t know what a shelter will accept, call them and ask!

3. Head to the pet store.

Pet toys are one of the most needed donations at animal shelters. Playing and socializing with neglected pets makes them more adoptable and lets them have a good time! Dog leashes and pet collars are also in short supply. These items must usually be donated new, for hygiene purposes.

2. Look at the shelter’s wish list.

Most animal shelters have a list of their most needed items posted on their website. These items are usually very specific and are things the shelter can’t afford to splurge on.

1. Adopt a pet!

Looking to save a life this holiday season? Get into the spirit of the season and save a life. Animal shelters are overflowing with pets looking for a forever home. Start off the new year right by becoming a pet parent!


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