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Get to Know: Pawsitive Alliance

02/22/2018 by Colleen Williams
February 22nd, 2018 by Colleen Williams

The Healthy Paws Foundation is proud to announce continued support of Pawsitive Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending pet homelessness in Washington state for the second consecutive year. The Foundation provides funds for the nonprofit’s #WhyNotMePets campaign with a $25,000 grant, made possible by the Every Quote Gives Hope program (with every pet insurance quote, a donation is made to animal welfare organizations in need).

Pawsitive Alliance works across Washington to help cats and dogs in need – working to help end the euthanasia of these pets by increasing adoptions, supporting spay and neuter programs and improving “pet retention” (homes keeping their pets). “Our vision is a healthy and happy home for every cat and dog in Washington,” says Executive Director Amy Ferguson.

Executive Director Amy Ferguson

Started in 2005, Pawsitive Alliance has been working hard on this mission, and since the start of the #Whynotmepets campaign in April of 2015, they’ve featured over 144 pets from Washington state shelters and rescues. The #WhyNotMePets program focuses on homeless pets that face obstacles in getting adopted. Whether they are senior, long-term shelter residents, or one of the harder-to-home “restricted” breeds, these animals need extra help in finding their forever home. Healthy Paws first recognized the nonprofit in 2017, contributing to adoption efforts with weekly articles on the blog and targeted social media posts.

“The Healthy Paws grant for our #Whynotmepets program ensures that we can help pets find their forever home through Washington state rescues and shelters that request our help,” Ms. Ferguson continues. “In 2017, we helped over 78 pets through the program, and are looking forward to helping even more in 2018. #Whynotmepets is made possible thanks to the grant from Healthy Paws.”

That’s not all – Pawsitive Alliance also initiates and supports spay and neuter programs across Washington State. By targeting geographic regions with historically high euthanasia rates and communities with limited or no low cost spay/neuter options, they are chipping away at unwanted puppies and kittens.

“When I started volunteering nearly 10 years ago at my local shelter, the only thing I knew was that I loved animals and wanted to have as many as I could, so being at my local shelter sounded like a great fit,” laughs Ms. Ferguson. “I quickly learned that shelters can be wonderful places for needy pets but in order for that to happen, the community has to be involved, which is how I became in involved in fundraising, community outreach, and being an overall advocate for shelter and rescue animals.” She joined Pawsitive Alliance in 2016: “Being with Pawsitive Alliance allows me to continue that work throughout the state since our programs extend beyond the Greater Seattle area.”

Visit the Healthy Paws Rescue Race page to learn more about animal welfare organizations that qualified for grants in 2017, and check back here on the blog to read about each organization!