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100-Years of Amazingly Talented Pet Cartoonists

04/02/2013 by Colleen Williams
April 2nd, 2013 by Colleen Williams

Clifford. Snoopy. Gromit. Scooby. Pluto. Garfield. You know the names. They’re iconic.

These cartoon pets are more than just recognizable characters from our childhoods though. They’re timeless works of art, which, through both book and tablet, will continue to win the affection of children for generations to come.

How about these names? Norman Bidwell. Nick Park. Joe Ruby. Charles Schulz. Jim Davis. William Steig.

Recognize any of them? Maybe Schulz and Davis, but probably not the others, right? Us, too.

These men were the 20th century visionaries who, frame-by-frame, brought the world’s most beloved pets to life.

How did William Steig, the creator of Shrek, make the list? Well, Steig was one of the most prolific pet cartoonists ever – drawing over 2,600 drawings and 117 front page covers for The New Yorker magazine. Sorry, Grumpy Cat, that means most of Steig’s 4-legged creations were dogs!!!


Who are the best pet cartoonists today? And which artists are currently drawing the wet noses and floppy ears that’ll battle for territory with Snoopy and Garfield on 21st century toy shelves?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but if we held annual Steig-ey Awards here at Healthy Paws (and thank goodness we don’t on account of how painfully that name rolls off the tongue), the work of the following artists would all make strong cases for best picture.

In honor of the late great William Steig, we’ve chosen a selection of award-worthy pet cartoons and the immensely talented creators behind them.



Cornelia Luethi

A Dog’s Life Comic (Chris Otto)

Or, you can also get in touch with Greg via his Facebook page.
Tim Whyatt
Please respect the work of each of the above cartoonists by not re-purposing any of their work the permission and link attribution they deserve. Thank you.