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Pet Health Insurance Review – Bu

03/22/2011 by Colleen Williams
March 22nd, 2011 by Colleen Williams

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Bu looking healthy and happy!

Kathleen K. and her husband had a eight-year-old Golden Retriever pass away seven years ago. He had tumors and a lot of other medical issues over the years.  After many years of a great life (and many high vet bills!) in their loving home, he finally passed away from a bout with cancer. Kathleen didn’t have a dog for 6 years after her dog’s passing because the condo they moved into didn’t allow pets.

Once they moved out of the condo, Kathleen started looking for their new best friend. They found a little black puppy that Kathleen fell in love with. Her husband told her he thought it was a good idea to wait, but went back to pick the puppy up himself as a Christmas surprise!

Because of their past experience with unexpected vet bill costs, Kathleen and her husband decided to get pet insurance shortly after bringing their new puppy, Bu, home. They didn’t want to go through the heartache and worry of deciding how to cover high medical costs associated with whatever colds Bu might get or the more serious stuff they had gone through with their last pup. After researching all their options, they decided Healthy Paws Pet Insurance had the best coverage and care.

Since getting used to his new home and getting signed up for pet insurance, Bu has gotten used to regular dog park trips where he gets all of his “crazies” and wiggles out – like any young 17-month-old dog.

Recently, after one of these dog park trips, Bu started limping around quite a bit. After going into the hospital, the veterinarian determined he needed surgery because it seemed that a romp at the dog park aggravated a luxating patella issue in his knee. Kathleen took her pup into his surgery on a Friday, Healthy Paws received all his paperwork and the claim from Bu’s vet on that following Wednesday, and the reimbursement check was send out that Friday (only a week after his surgery!).  Their pet insurance covered the surgery, all the x-rays, the anesthetic, and all the other costs associated with getting Bu’s knee back to normal!

The Details
Pet Name: Bu
Type of Pet: Lab/Chow Mix
Cost of Vet Bills to Date: $2,625.66
Amount Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reimbursed: $2,222.68 (reimbursed with 72 hours of claim filing, based on customer selected annual deductible and reimbursement level)

Healthy Paws check in with Kathleen, her husband and Bu after the surgery (as we do with all our little recovery cases) and it sounds like everyone’s back on their feet and getting ready for another dog park trip soon!