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Pet Insurance Review – The Tale of Meeko’s Tooth

08/02/2012 by Colleen Williams
August 2nd, 2012 by Colleen Williams

There’s nothing like a warm smile and sweet “hello” from a friend to brighten any day.  And while not all cats and dogs “smile” per se, they all let us know how much they care with a kiss, nuzzle or verbal greeting.  So when they are hurting from a tooth injury and cannot show their love so readily it’s hard not to feel their pain.

Cat tooth injury, pet insurance claim review.

Cats and dogs need healthy teeth to stay happy and feeling good!

Like humans, cats and dogs rely on healthy teeth and gums to maintain proper nutritional intake as well as a healthy heart.  When a tooth is injured and results in a chip or crack, the results can be detrimental to your pet’s health, causing immediate acute pain or leading to disease down the road. Also, animals have a natural instinct to hide their pain from us, so it’s important to get professional medical attention for an injured tooth regardless of your pet’s outward appearance.

One member of the Healthy Paws family, a sweet cat named Meeko, was recently treated for a tooth injury.  The tooth turned out to be fractured and in order to prevent further injury and decay from the damaged tooth, the veterinarian performed oral surgery on Meeko, giving him a root canal to solve the issue.

We’re happy to report that Meeko’s surgery was a success and he’s on the mend!  In fact, most pets recover from oral surgery in two days or less, but will need to continue with loving follow-up care, including feeding with canned food for several weeks.

Whether you have indoor or outdoor pets, be on the lookout for your pet’s teeth, as an injury can be sustained from simply playing with toys or turning the head in the wrong direction and striking furniture or another hard object.  The good news is that treatment and recovery are usually quick and good medications help maintain the comfort of your pet throughout the care period.

Claim Review


Meeko, 3-year-old Mixed Breed Cat

Injury & Treatment

Fractured tooth, requiring root canal

Total Veterinary Bill: $1,500

Healthy Paws Reimbursement: $1,070

*(Based on Meeko’s annual deductible and reimbursement level: $100 & 90%)