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Pets Are Family Too: Humanizing Pets and Why Pets Are So Important to Families

By Guest Author
published: November 16, 2022 • 3 min. read
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Did you know that nine out of 10 pet owners consider their furry companions to be members of their families? Animal lovers have a way of humanizing pets and thinking of them similarly to other people in a home. If you love your pet unconditionally as your pet loves you, there are ways to make them feel even more valued, appreciated, and cared for.

This article explores why pets are family members that require the same kind of love and care given to humans in your household.

The emotional connection between family and pets

Many pet parents believe their pets give them unconditional love and have human-like emotions that are meant just for them. These beliefs lead people to spoil their pets with special care, provide high-quality food, buy comfy bedding, and offer surprise rewards – perhaps for no reason.

Pets can bring human family members closer together around activities that everyone can share in. Our beloved pets are there for us when no one else is, and they can help us through tough times and challenging situations. They can also help teach children how to be responsible and care for others from an early age.

Family with dog on couch.
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Unconditional love from a dog or cat

A cat’s or dog’s unconditional love is one of the most rewarding parts of pet ownership. Pets are emotionally attached to their owners and will always love you no matter what. This unique relationship is rare between people but so refreshing and reliable between a person and a pet.

Even though your pet can’t talk, you can sense its unconditional love with tail wags, following you, seeking physical connection, and friendly eye contact.  There’s nothing like the unconditional love from a dog or cat, and you only understand that kind of love if you experience it for yourself.

Mutual health benefits with pets

There have been so many research studies done over the years about the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and animals. People often find themselves healthier because of the increased physical activity involved in exercising a pet, such as walking or running with a dog. The emotional benefits of touching, petting, and cuddling with a pet increase serotonin and dopamine in the brain for greater happiness, calmness, and relaxation.

Man and boy with cat on couch

Treating pets with extra love and care

Animals are family in so many ways and worthy of extra attention whenever we can give it to them. You can return your cat’s or dog’s unconditional love by taking a trip together, rewarding pets with healthy treats, inventing creative games to play, or finding a companion for a pet to spend time with when you aren’t home. You know cats and dogs are family when you let them cuddle with you on your furniture, take them out to play in the park, and keep up with their vet checkups for preventative care.

Looking out for your pet’s long-term health  

Many people purchase health insurance for everyone in their families, from the tiniest newborn baby to the most senior adult. This is a responsible way to be prepared for unexpected health issues that arise so that you can afford medical care and follow the advice of your doctors.

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