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House Calls: The Rise of the Mobile Vet

03/16/2017 by Colleen Williams
March 16th, 2017 by Colleen Williams

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Apps have made our lives much easier, and now that convenience extends to pet health and care. Nowadays, there are countless options to help your pet – from the Healthy Paws app where you can upload claims with a couple steps, to full vet booking apps where you can request a vet come to your home to check out your pet!

House calls were already a popular concept (especially for larger animals like horses), but today more users are dedicated to the ease of a mobile vet booked via an app. There’s no stress over getting a sick pup in the car or freaking out your cat by putting him in a kennel. With new pet parent apps, you simply register, book an appointment or treatment, and wait for the vet to arrive. It’s all completed with a few swipes and taps on your smartphone.

While these apps are geo-based (and have only been cropping up in select zip codes), their popularity means they’re like to spread nationally.

  • San Francisco-based is one of the trailblazers in vet care apps, offering a full range of services (including grooming) with the quick tap of a button.
  • Also in San Francisco, plus New Orleans and New York, app VetPronto allows you to track your pet’s health, download records, and schedule new appointments.
  • East coasters take note: the NYC metro area (all 5 boroughs as well as parts of Westchester and NJ) can find vets with InstaVet, from phone consultations to home visits, to in-clinic appointments.
  • Nationally, a virtual vet visit can be achieved with Vet On Demand, which facilitates video conferencing with a vet, tracks visits and keeps your pet’s records.

Keep in mind that even if these apps may be free to download, you’ll accrue charges from any services provided.


Veterinarians themselves have seen major technological advances to help them run their businesses. There are apps that help manage veterinarian clients, appointments, and more. From Vet2Pet to InTouch to eVet Practice, vets can tap into all the bells and whistles of what was once only available on their desktops – these fully operational apps help manage hours, tasks, records, and clients.

For students, Carrington College’s 5 Great Apps for Veterinary Students details apps that are “essential to anyone looking to gain an upper hand in the classroom.” They recommend the Merck Veterinary Manual (not cheap at $50, but basically the vet bible in the palm of your hand), Exotic Pet Vet (for any and all animals outside the realm of cats and dogs) and the Certified Vet Assistant app (quizzes to prep you on your career choice).