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Weight Gain Signaled Abdominal Trouble With Jinx

10/04/2019 by Christy True
October 4th, 2019 by Christy True

Diagnosis: Fatty tissue in abdomen

Reimbursed: $1,145 | Bills $1,431

Coverage: 80% | $250 Deductible

Lexi of Provo, Utah noticed that her cat Jinx was gaining a lot of weight over a six-month period, was less vocal than usual and had been unable to groom herself.

While the 5-year-old tortoiseshell colored cat had always been a big girl, she seemed abnormal, so Lexi took Jinx to the vet. They ran a few tests and found she had a mass of fatty tissue that was pushing her internal organs to one side of her body, making it uncomfortable for her to breathe and bend over to groom herself. 

Though not a life-threatening condition, abdominal surgery was required to remove the mass. The surgery went great and Jinx is feeling much better and seems happier and healthier, Lexi said. 

“She is really sweet and cuddly but can have a little bit of a tortie-tude when she’s interacting with her two sisters. She also LOVES to talk,” Lexi said of Jinx’s personality. 

Having pet insurance through Healthy Paws was a huge financial help, Lexi said.  

“We wouldn’t have been able to pay for all her treatments and surgery without insurance, so we are very grateful,” she added. 

Lexi and her husband decided to get pet insurance about a year ago because they love their three cats and knew that if anything happened to them, they would want to do everything in their power to help them. They had already gone through the financial and emotional stress of a medical emergency when another of their cats fell off the second story balcony the previous year.

“We figured that the best way to ease any financial burden associated with that would be to get insurance—we wanted peace of mind in case something similar happened in the future,” she wrote. 

Making the claim for Jinx’s surgery was easy, and Lexi appreciated the excellent customer service. 

“We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Healthy Paws,” she wrote. “Filing a claim and navigating the site is SUPER easy, and the customer service reps are very kind—they even sent me a message to check up on my kitty and see how she was doing. I’m so glad we made the choice to go with Healthy Paws.”

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