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Why Not Me? August Edition: Pets Who Need Loving Homes

08/28/2020 by Katie Virdell
August 28th, 2020 by Katie Virdell

We’ve partnered with Pawsitive Alliance for the #WhyNotMePets campaign to give difficult-to-home pets an extra paw up. These lovable pets are ready to find their forever homes. 

Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with this month’s featured pets – Marty, Micah, Nubbins, and Abba.

Meet Marty

Name: Marty
Breed: Pittie
Age/Gender/Size: 3 years / Male / Large
Likes: Lazing about with his people
Special Considerations: No small children or other pets
Contact: Pasado’s Safe Haven
Adoption Fee: $150

Marty the pittieThis sweet boy, who has been described as a “velvet hippo”, is ready to share his huge heart with some very lucky humans. Marty, who weighs in at just over 60 pounds, loves to smother his people with love – literally. He loves nothing better than stretching across his people, whether outside in the grass, on the couch, in bed, you name it. When Marty shares his love, he REALLY shares his love – his people are his entire world. With this, there has been some separation anxiety. There have been times when Marty did not quite know how best to channel his love when his people have left him home by himself. The sanctuary has been working hard with him on this but Marty will continue to need extra TLC in the confidence-building department. As he continues to make headway on this, we do encourage a home without young kids or other pets, as well as a more rural environment versus an apartment.

If you are looking for a new love in your life, we know that Marty is ready and willing to fit the bill. Just prepare yourself for the vast amount of love and affection that will be showered upon you. For additional information about Marty, you may contact Pasado’s Safe Haven’s Adoption and foster manager at, or learn more about their adoption process here.

Meet Micah

Name: Micah
Breed: Pittie/Boxer Mix
Age/Gender/Size: 2 years / Male / Large
Likes: Solving puzzles, cuddling and learning new tricks
Special Considerations: History of health conditions; no small children or other dogs
Contact: Seattle Humane
Adoption Fee: Contact the adoption department

Micah the dogMicah is waiting to meet his furever family at Seattle Humane. At only a couple of years old,  this wiggly goofball will keep you laughing for years to come. Not only is he hilarious, but also extremely smart. He is an ace when it comes to solving puzzles and has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve already. In terms of prior medical history, Micah unfortunately suffered bilateral cruciate injuries, for which he recently had TPLO surgery. With the recovery from surgery comes restricted activity. Once he has been given the green light, he is up for a low-key playdate with a buddy. So as not to aggravate his recent knee injuries with too much activity, we recommend that Micah be the only pet, and no small children. Micah can be reactive towards other dogs while on a leash, so a non-apartment home in a low dog-density neighborhood is recommended.

Due to his medical needs and having been at the shelter for a little while, Micah is part of the “Home Free” program at Seattle Humane. He is available to foster-to-adopt, which helps for a smooth transition to ensure that his new home is a good fit. For additional information regarding Micah’s status, please contact the Adoption Center at (425) 649-7563. 

Meet Nubbins

Name: Nubbins
Breed: Pittie
Age/Gender/Size: 2 years / Male / Large
Likes: Car rides in the country, tug-of-war challenges
Special Considerations: No small children or apartments
Contact: Forgotten Dogs Rescue
Adoption Fee: $350

Nubbins the pittieWith a goofy, squishy face and fun-loving personality to boot, Nubbins is sure to make an impression. He is super playful and insists on carrying something in his mouth when he is playing with his buddies. The rescue likes to refer to this as simply “multitasking.” Nubbins loves to play tug-of-war and wrestle, and would make a great roomie for a furry family member that can put up with his “little brother” antics. In terms of history, Nubbins was brought in as a stray with a terrible tail injury, and it was amputated (thus his name). He has made a full recovery, is pain-free, and definitely up and at ‘em. Nubbins is fully potty-trained and crate-trained. He does have some barrier reactivity to people through kennel doors, car windows, and fences, which his adopter will need to continue working on with him. A home without small children is recommended, as well as no apartment living.

Nubbins had a rough start to life and is ready for some affection, as well as a family that knows how to establish boundaries and work through some personality traits. If you would like to find out more about sweet Nubbins, we urge you to fill out an adoption application from the Forgotten Dogs Rescue’s website, reach out via email to

Meet Abba

Name: Abba
Breed: Pittie Mix
Age/Gender/Size: 6 ½ years / Female / Large
Likes: Stuffed toys and snoozes
Special Considerations: History of health conditions, no other pets or young children
Contact: Seattle Humane
Adoption Fee: $200

Abba the dogThis little lady didn’t lead the easiest life when she was younger but is ready to start a new chapter with the right family. So loving and affectionate, be prepared for some good snuggles and snoozes on the couch. Abba will likely bring some toys along for the nap, as she loves her stuffies. She is very smart and loves to learn new tricks; she is even such a good girl when it comes to bath time.

Abba does have some anxiety issues that she is working through with the help of her foster family. She tends to be stressed with things like slippery floors, confined spaces (such as elevators), and new people. Abba has made a lot of progress but will require some additional patience and conditioning when it comes to daily stressors. Abba does have some health conditions that she is/has been treated for such as obesity, allergies, ear infections, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and benign growth. Abba’s adopter can set-up a phone consultation with one of Seattle Humane’s veterinarians to talk about her conditions in further detail. Due to her anxiety, Abba will need to live in a home without small children – teens are okay. She will also need to be the only pet in a home within a low dog-density neighborhood, or with a yard that she can have all to herself – no apartments.

If you are interested in taking her home for a trial period, she is part of Seattle Humane’s foster-to-adopt program. For additional information regarding Abba, please contact the Adoption Center at (425) 649-7563.

Adoption fee?

People are sometimes surprised to find out that most animal shelters have an adoption fee. They might think, “Wait a minute! You got this animal for free so why are you charging me to take it off your hands?” This way of thinking ignores both the costs of housing animals as well as their medical care.

Here are some of the things your adoption fee usually covers:

  • Spay/neuter for dogs and cats of age
  • Vouchers for spay/neuter for puppies and kittens too young to be altered
  • Deworming and parasite medication
  • Core vaccines
  • Microchipping (at some shelters)

All of these services are recouped in the standard adoption fee, but at a fraction of what you would have to pay most veterinarians. In fact, adopting a pet at a shelter is a net financial gain for most responsible pet parents in terms of the cost of care.

Every month, Healthy Paws will highlight new pets from Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets campaign. Visit the #WhyNotMePets page for a list of adoptable dogs and cats.