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Why Not Me? Meet Some Lovable Hard-to-Home Pets

07/24/2020 by Katie Virdell
July 24th, 2020 by Katie Virdell

We’ve partnered with Pawsitive Alliance for the #WhyNotMePets campaign to give difficult-to-home pets an extra paw up. These lovable pets are ready to find their forever homes. 

Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with this month’s featured pets – Jingle, Fawn, Hippy, and bonded pair Cinnamon and Dusty.

Name: Jingle

Breed: Pittie mix

Age/Gender/Size: 2 years / Female / Medium

Likes: Playing and chewing, snuggling

Special Considerations: Needs to be the ONLY pet in the home, children teen and up

Medical Considerations: Managed by medication

Contact: The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County (Tacoma, Wash.)

Adoption Fee: Adult dogs 2 years – senior $175

Jingle needs a home


Jingle first arrived at the shelter in May and has been in a foster home for the past month. She is a silly clown, has her fair share of crazy backyard zoomies, of course, followed by comfy snuggles on the couch with her people. Jingle sleeps well in a crate but would rather share her sleep space with you in YOUR bed.

Jingle loves to go for long walks; she does become very excitable and finds her voice when she spots other furry friends. Finding a trail or a low traffic area in the neighborhood is recommended. Jingle’s foster mom has been working with her on this, and a qualified trainer is recommended for further follow-up.

A home with a big fenced back yard is ideal; apartment living is not a good fit. Jingle will do best in a house with teens and adults due to her energy level and size. Based upon the behaviors on which her foster mom has been working, Jingle will need to be the ONLY pet in the home, and not be near small animals, dogs included.

Jingle’s furever family is out there, we are sure of it. Perhaps that home is with YOU! For more information about meeting Jingle, please email

Name: Fawn

Breed: Pittie

Age/Gender/Size:  2 years / Female / Large

Likes: Full-body wiggles, learning new commands, playing with her bestie

Special Considerations: Needs a home with older children, history w/cats unknown

Contact: Forgotten Dogs Rescue (Seattle, Wash.)

Adoption Fee: $350

Fawn needs a home


There are so many things to fawn over with our next adoptee, Fawn. This beautiful pittie arrived with major skin issues that have since cleared up wonderfully. Fawn loves people and engages in full-body wiggle mode at any chance. Her happy tail dance actually became a bit too exuberant, and she injured her tail. It is still just as wiggly as ever, just a little shorter now after surgery.

Fawn is driven to learn new things and is such a people pleaser. Working over puzzle toys and playing hide and seek with her people are a couple of her fave activities. She is in the process of mastering proper leash manners, but just gets so distracted when she sees a new friend nearby to wiggle over to. Her foster family is managing some separation anxiety, and medication has helped ease some of her stress when left alone.

Fawn currently has a furry foster brother whom she adores. They are always together, and she wakes him up every morning with sloppy kisses to get the day going. Fawn will definitely need a canine buddy in her new home; however, he/she needs to be tolerant of her invading their space with all of her playful gestures. A home with older children will prevent anyone from being bowled over with Fawn’s boisterous play.

Fawn’s new family must be confident in their training methods, as well as patient. In return, she will bring you so much love and laughter. For more information about this sweet pittie, please fill out an adoption application from the rescue’s website,

Name: Hippy

Breed: Domestic Short Hair  

Age/Gender/Size: 4 years / Male / Small

Likes: Bird watching, snuggling, chasing his toys

Medical Considerations: Has heart disease – currently on medication

Contact: Purrfect Pals (Arlington, Wash.)

Adoption Fee: Unknown

Hippy the cat


Ready to meet the kitty who is the coolest of cool? Well then, Hippy is your guy. This cuddly snuggle bug is ready to share his love with a new family that will cherish him at this stage in his life. Hippy has heart disease (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and takes medications to help keep things under control, though it sounds that it may be in a more advanced stage. This, however, doesn’t keep Hippy from having the most loving heart in the world.

He craves attention and will follow you around the house so that you can sneak in some cheek smooshing and belly rubs – he really does enjoy belly rubs. Hippy will do well in a calm household with no little kids, to keep the everyday hustle and bustle to a minimum.

Hippy would love to share his world with a new family that will live each day to the fullest with him. To learn more, please reach out to Purrfect Pals via email at

Name: Dusty and Cinnamon

Breed: Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix

Age/Gender/Size: Dusty – 7 years/ Male / Small;
Cinnamon – 3 years / Female / Small

Likes: Car rides, sharing toys and snuggles

Special Considerations: Bonded pair – will need to be adopted together

Contact: Seattle Dogs

Adoption Fee: $375

Cinnamon and Dusty

Cinnamon and Dusty

Best buddies Dusty and Cinnamon round out our Why Not Me pets this month. They arrived at the shelter under sad circumstances, as they were homeless after their mom had passed away. They have been through quite a lot in life and rely on each other through and through.

Dusty is a huge fan of car rides, while Cinnamon loves to play with her toys. One thing is for sure – both kids are huge snugglers. Between the two of them, they have a lot of love to give. Dusty and Cinnamon are house-trained but may need a refresher course in potty training as they adjust to their new home. Cinnamon has been known to be a little escape artist, so she will need a family with a watchful eye. Both of these kiddos love to please and are eager to learn new things together.

Dusty and Cinnamon are a bonded pair, which means that they must be adopted together. All the more love to share.

Dusty and Cinnamon have so much love for each other and are more than willing to share it with their new family. If you would like to find out more about these cuties, you can contact Seattle Dogs at or visit their website to fill out an adoption application.

Adoption fee?

People are sometimes surprised to find out that most animal shelters have an adoption fee. They might think, “Wait a minute! You got this animal for free so why are you charging me to take it off your hands?” This way of thinking ignores both the costs of housing animals as well as their medical care.

Here are some of the things your adoption fee usually covers:

  • Spay/neuter for dogs and cats of age
  • Vouchers for spay/neuter for puppies and kittens too young to be altered
  • Deworming and parasite medication
  • Core vaccines
  • Microchipping (at some shelters)

All of these services are recouped in the standard adoption fee, but at a fraction of what you would have to pay most veterinarians. In fact, adopting a pet at a shelter is a net financial gain for most responsible pet parents in terms of the cost of care.

Every month, Healthy Paws will highlight new pets from Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets campaign. Visit the #WhyNotMePets page for a list of adoptable dogs and cats.