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Why Not Me? Pets Available for Adoption

05/10/2021 by Katie Virdell
May 10th, 2021 by Katie Virdell

We’ve partnered with Pawsitive Alliance for the #WhyNotMePets campaign to give difficult-to-home pets an extra paw up. These lovable pets are ready to find their forever homes. 

Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with this month’s featured pets – bonded pairs Bubba and Magnus, Sam and Lucky, and Bubu!

Name: Bubba and Magnus (brothers)

Breed: Shepherd Mixes

Age/Gender/Size: 1 year, 10 months / Males / Medium

Likes: Stuffed squeaky toys, exploring the great outdoors

Special Considerations: No young children, history with cats unknown

Contact: Homeward Pet Adoption Center

Adoption Fee: $250 per pet

Bubba and Magnus

Bubba and Magnus

Meet Bubba and Magnus. Never were two brothers as dedicated to each other as these lovebugs. At only 1-½ years old, they are waiting for a furever home to call their own for the remainder of their lives, together.

These brothers play off one another well. Bubba is one to take the lead in new situations, while Magnus hangs back to check out how his brother responds. Though both shy at first, once they have warmed up, there is no stopping the affection and silliness. No adventure would be as peppy and amusing without this duo by your side. These two are full of energy! Bubba and Magnus love to walk on the leash, but won’t say “no” when it comes time to get down and dirty with their goofy playtime. Throw some squeaky toys into the mix, and you will have a couple of very well-entertained brothers.

Bubba and Magnus will need a home with an experienced family that can help to build their confidence. As they are still adjusting to life indoors and newly adopted social skills, a predictable home with older teens and adults would be best. With all of their energy, they will need a home with a yard; apartments and condos are not ideal. To help their new family along with continued training and support, adoptions through Homeward Pet include free training classes from Doggy Haven Resort.

If you are ready to welcome these brothers into your heart and home, please reach out to Homeward Pet today. Adoptions are currently coordinated via appointment only. To learn more about the process, you may visit Homeward Pet Adoption Center’s website and click here:  Adoption Process & Online Applications.

Name: Sam and Lucky

Breed: Domestic Shorthair 

Age/Gender/Size: Sam – 11 years / Male / Small, Lucky – 17 years / Male / Small

Likes: Snoozing together, chin rubs

Special Considerations: Bonded pair – will need to be adopted together

Medical Considerations: Kidney condition – both Sam and Lucky receive medication

Contact: Homeward Pet Adoption Center

Adoption Fee: $50 per kitty

Sam the cat


Lucky the cat


Sam and Lucky are not brothers biologically, but this pair have lived together a very long time and are bound forever. Sure, these gentle boys are seniors – but this just means that they carry with them a lifetime of love and affection to share with you.

Keeping Sam and Lucky happy, content, and comfortable will be a breeze. They just need a safe home in which to snuggle and snooze together, along with a warm lap or two to lounge in. Sam and Lucky love to receive rubs on their chins and cheeks and will return your efforts with some contented purrs and snuggles. In fact, Lucky (the eldest) has been described by his foster parent as the “loveliest old man.” Imagine having two of these lovely souls gracing your home.

Being of senior stature, Sam and Lucky will need to live in a quiet, predictable household. Kids teen-aged and older are welcome, to help ensure gentle handling. Though in need of a dog-free home, Sam and Lucky have lived in harmony with other cats in the past, so kitty companions are okay. In terms of medical needs, both are treated for a kidney condition, common amongst older kitties, with medication and a special diet.

Sam and Lucky are currently residing in a foster home, but all it takes is scheduling an appointment to start the adoption process. You can read more about Homeward Pet Adoption Center’s online adoption application process here.

Name: Bubu

Breed: Greyhound 

Age/Gender/Size: 7 years / Male / Large

Likes: Lazy leash walks, car rides

Special Considerations: Dog-free home, no children or cats

Contact: Greyhound Pets, Inc.

Adoption Fee: $500

Bubu the greyhound


Bubu is a native of Macau, China and a retired racer who unfortunately had a really rough start. He is now cherishing his time as a companion animal and is ready to share his heart with a new family.

One thing is for certain – Bubu loves people. Hanging out with his family while being the center of attention is all that Bubu is asking for. There would be nothing better than spending his days cuddling with and accompanying his adopter on car rides about town. He loves to go for walks and does fabulously on leash. Bubu will further thrive with the continued training and support his adopter will receive from Crawford Canine Academy upon adoption. It takes work to be a perfect gentleman.

Bubu has lived in a couple of homes, which has helped to identify what he truly needs from his new furever family. He will need to be the only dog in the household, and due to his breed’s high-prey drive, Bubu cannot live with kitties. It is recommended that Bubu live with experienced adults (no kids), with access to a fully fenced-in yard.

Would you like to meet Bubu? All it takes is an open heart and a loving home to provide him with the best life ever.  If you are unable to adopt at this time, you may sponsor Bubu while he waits for his new home. To find out more about this process, please visit Greyhound Pets, Inc.’s website at Additional Frequently Asked Questions about adoption requirements and what to expect when adopting a greyhound can be found here as well.

Adoption fee?

People are sometimes surprised to find out that most animal shelters have an adoption fee. They might think, “Wait a minute! You got this animal for free so why are you charging me to take it off your hands?” This way of thinking ignores both the costs of housing animals as well as their medical care.

Here are some of the things your adoption fee usually covers:

  • Spay/neuter for dogs and cats of age
  • Vouchers for spay/neuter for puppies and kittens too young to be altered
  • Deworming and parasite medication
  • Core vaccines
  • Microchipping (at some shelters)

All of these services are recouped in the standard adoption fee, but at a fraction of what you would have to pay most veterinarians. In fact, adopting a pet at a shelter is a net financial gain for most responsible pet parents in terms of the cost of care.

Every month, Healthy Paws will highlight new pets from Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets campaign. Visit the #WhyNotMePets page for a list of adoptable dogs and cats.