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10 Holiday Movies to Binge Watch with Your Pet

By Stacy Painter
published: December 9, 2019 - updated: November 23, 2020 • 2 min. read
holiday couple and dog watching TV
holiday couple and dog watching TV

With the holidays fast approaching, the colder weather and shorter days make an appropriate setting to cozy up and get extra snuggles with your pet. As you spend more time in front of the TV with your dog or cat, what better way to spark a festive mood than with holiday-related movies? Here is a list of suggested holiday movies to binge watch with your pet this month.

Movies with Kitty and Canine Cameos

Appeal to your pet with movies that include dog and cat characters. These movies just wouldn’t be the same without them!

The Grinch and Max

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Whether you watch the classic cartoon version (1966), the 2000 adaptation with human actors, or the recent animated film The Grinch (2018), you and your pet will have a soft spot for the Grinch’s beloved dog, Max.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) – Join the Peanuts gang, including the iconic black and white beagle, Snoopy, as they find the meaning of and celebrate Christmas.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) – This movie, which follows the Griswolds’ holiday shenanigans, provides some valuable lessons for pet parents. In one scene, cousin Eddie’s dog Snots chokes on a bone, and in another, the cat gets zapped from chewing on the cord of some Christmas lights.

A Christmas Story (1983) – Because it airs on TV for 24 hours straight on Christmas day, it’s hard to miss this Christmas classic. Your pup will enjoy living vicariously through the next-door neighbors’ hounds that break into the Parker family’s home to devour their Christmas turkey.

Lady and the Tramp (2019) – Follow the story of a pampered pup who meets a stray mutt. With a variety of dog friends, cats, adventure, and romance, this classic Disney movie will appeal to everyone in the household.

Classic Holiday Favorites

Though there aren’t any major roles for four-legged friends in these films, these movies top the charts as crowd-pleasing favorites.

Elf (2003) – A human raised as an elf makes his way to New York City to find his real father.

The Santa Clause (1994) – After Santa falls off the roof and disappears, an ordinary dad puts on Santa’s coat to resume Christmas gift deliveries.

Love Actually (2003) – Set during the holiday season, this film follows a number of intertwining stories about all kinds of love: romantic, family, and self.

Polar Express (2004) – A doubting young boy takes an unforgettable train ride to the North Pole where he learns about friendship and the spirit of Christmas.

Home Alone (1990) – A busy family leaves for Christmas vacation, forgetting to bring their son Kevin who then must protect the family home from burglars.

Whether you plan on checking one movie off this list or all of them, we wish you lots of love and snuggles with your furry family members this holiday season.

Stacy Painter profile
By Stacy Painter

Stacy has always been an animal lover and has worked in the pet industry and pet insurance specifically for over a decade. As a writer since early childhood, content writing for Healthy Paws pet insurance was a natural career path to combine her two passions. She currently lives in Florida with her boyfriend and Taiwanese rescue dog, Kaya.

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