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10 Giant Dogs Who Might Actually Be Bears

04/14/2015 by Colleen Williams
April 14th, 2015 by Colleen Williams

Have you ever seen a dog so big you thought to yourself, “That’s either a very small bear or a very large dog.” These gentle giants can be members of a giant dog breed or just flukes of nature, but either way, they’re adorably oversized.


1. “Tiny horse or giant dog?”

Large dog with tiny horse

2. “Just my friend’s GIANT dog sitting on a couch.”

Giant dog on couch

3. “Meet my huge dog, Ziggy!”

Giant Dog

4. “A Tibetan Mastiff.”

Tibetan Mastiff

5. “Our Newfoundland in the snow.”

Large dog in the snow

6. “A baby on a St. Bernard in the Swiss Alps.”

Baby with a St. Bernard

7. “Adopted this fella two years ago. My parents thought I had smuggled a bear into the country.”

Bear dog

8. “My boss’s dog gave birth to a teddy bear.”

Teddy bear dog

9. “‘No, I’m not a bear!’ My dog’s new bib.” 

Bear dog bib

10. “The Russian Caucasian dog.”

Russian Caucasian dog