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The Best Dog Breeds for Homes with Cats

By Stacy Painter
published: November 23, 2022 - updated: December 13, 2022 • 2 min. read
golden retriever dog and gray cat lying together

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Many people tend to sway one way or the other, but you may be a member of a special group whose hearts are equally split between the canine and feline worlds. In this case, you’ll be most fulfilled if you have members of both species in the family. Unfortunately, cats and dogs aren’t especially known for their affinity toward each other. 

Not to worry—there are a few ways you can foster a harmonious home, and one of them is choosing the right dog breed (or breed mix). Dog breeds vary by size, energy level, personality traits, and their affection tendencies toward people and other pets, including cats. Because of this, some dog breeds are predisposed to fare better than others in a household with cats. When researching adoptable dogs or reputable breeders, these are the breeds you should keep in mind. 

Dog breeds that don’t get along with cats

First, we’ll start with the dog breeds you may want to steer away from. Though each individual dog is different, some breed groups are more likely to present a challenge. 

  • Terriers: The Terrier group of dogs were bred to hunt and kill vermin. Though some Terriers may become fast friends with a cat, chances are high that most Terriers will see a cat as a hunting target due to their predatory instincts. 
  • Sighthounds: Greyhounds, Whippets and Afghan hounds are a few breeds in this group. Not only are they fast, but they also have a keen sense of sight, especially for small, quick animals on the move. Your dog might be an outlier, but sighthounds tend to have a strong prey drive that drives their urge to chase your kitty any time she makes a quick move.
  • Herding dogs: Your experience may vary, but herding dogs are driven to herd other animals (and even children and adults!). This could include your cat, who might not like to be constantly bothered by a dog who is just trying to do his job.
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11 dog breeds that are good with cats

In general, toy breeds and sporting dog breeds tend to be better options for households with cats. Based on the typical personality of the breed, the following dog breeds are good choices for those that want a home with both cats and dogs.

  1. Basset hound
  2. Beagle
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  4. Labrador retriever
  5. Golden retriever
  6. Papillon
  7. Pug
  8. Bichon Frise
  9. Maltese
  10. Boxer
  11. Pomeranian

Remember, just because your dog belongs to a group of breeds that tend to get along with cats doesn’t mean your pets will automatically be best friends. For the best possible outcome:

  • Raise your pets together from the time they are a puppy and kitten (if you currently have an adult pet, don’t worry; they can still develop an amicable relationship with your new pet of the opposite species).
  • Carefully and properly introduce your dog and cat.
  • Seek additional help from a professional dog trainer.
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By Stacy Painter

Stacy has always been an animal lover and has worked in the pet industry and pet insurance specifically for over a decade. As a writer since early childhood, content writing for Healthy Paws pet insurance was a natural career path to combine her two passions. She currently lives in Florida with her boyfriend and Taiwanese rescue dog, Kaya.

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