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Pet Memorial Project Honors Pets Who Pass Away With a Donation to Shelters

By Christy True
September 7, 2022 • 2 min. read
Romero cat available for adoption

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Starting in March, the Healthy Paws Foundation, the charitable arm of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, initiated a program we call the Pet Memorial Project.

As a way of honoring the memory of customers’ pets who have gone over the rainbow bridge, the Healthy Paws Foundation donates a small amount in each pet’s name to a certified nonprofit that rescues homeless pets. One of the legacies of the pets our customers have lost will be to give homeless dogs and cats another chance at life.

Here is what one customer said about the donation:

“It is kind of you to donate to a non-profit for homeless pets in our beloved Zelda’s honor. Zelda was a rescue, so we think your donation is quite fitting,” she wrote.

The Foundation selects nonprofit shelters or rescues across the U.S. to receive these grants based on their track record of rescuing pets and the ongoing need in their area. They also must primarily serve dogs and cats, and be no-kill, except for euthanasia for illness, debilitation, or extreme aggression. We choose among organizations that have applied for a grant from us.

A committee made up of employees from across Healthy Paws selects the recipients. We are also choosing a rescue from each geographic region in the U.S. to ensure we help nonprofits in every state.

Here are the organizations we have supported so far this year under the Pet Memorial Project:

Each rescue received $4,000:

About the foundation

Healthy Paws began not just to help pet parents handle the expense of pets’ medical treatments, but also to help animal rescue organizations care for the many sick pets that come into their care. Over six million dogs and cats enter the U.S. animal shelter system every year and many of these homeless pets need critical treatment to survive and have a chance at getting adopted. So, with the goal of helping these animals, the Healthy Paws Foundation was started in 2009 and it has helped hundreds of pet rescues and animal shelters by providing grants to help fund medicine, food, shelter, and operating costs. Learn more.

Christy True and Tomas
By Christy True

Christy has been writing about pets for Healthy Paws for 21 dog years. She previously worked in journalism, hence her penchant for writing about offbeat animal studies and the latest viral pet trends. She has been owned by several dogs, and right now, Tomas, a Mexican street dog rescue, is staring at her because he wants a walk. Outside of work, she can usually be found sliding down a mountain near her home in Bend, Ore.

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